How Do Copywriters Make Their Clients Happy?

When I started writing in the 80s, I didn’t show any of my copies to the clients until they are finished. However, two years ago, I took a different approach. I try to make my copywriting process interactive by showing the first draft so that my clients can tell me if they needed revisions.

I know how my clients hate surprises. So, when they get my first draft, they can already envision the final piece. Here are some of the simple tips, I have tried to eliminate surprises when writing copies for my clients.

  1. The first thing I do is listen to what my clients need, take notes, and ask loads of questions to clarify what is required. I don’t second guess what my client wants nor do I write what I think they should have.  I always ask what they want to achieve in this project.
  2. I keep my clients in the loop, so they will know where I am at the project.
  3. I write a few headlines and pick about three or four then email it to them. If my clients have suggestions, I try to make revisions to incorporate them. At this point, they already approved the revised headline and expect them when they get the first draft.
  4. Then I write the first draft of 500 words and submit for feedback and revisions if required. This will make my clients more comfortable because they immediately see that the copy is on the right track.
  5. If I don’t understand something, I ask my clients for some additional points for clarification. Most of the time, I incorporate his written answer into the copy and do a bit of editing for a smoother flow.
  6. For a technical product, I go through the resource material my clients provide to make sure that the copy is technically accurate. I write a couple of sentences about the product facts and submit them to my clients, so they can make corrections.  When I finally write the body copy, I insert the appropriate preapproved sentences. This makes my client happy because my description is accurate.
  7. If I am not sure whether I have fully grasped the concept of the copy I am writing about, I send them to my clients for correction. This will make sure that the copy is 98% correct. Fewer revisions are needed so the second draft turns around more quickly. The clients will feel happy because they feel they own the copy since they were part of the copywriting process.
  8. If you make a mistake, take responsibility and don’t try to bluff your way out of it. This will only make things worse.
  9. And the best part of it all is to say ‘thank you for your business.’ It doesn’t take a lot to thank them, so do it.

If you want to earn more money, keep your clients happy. Remember, this is a big part of marketing.

Do you have some tips to make your clients happy? Leave your comment below and let’s see how many different ways we can come up with.

Smart Options in Copywriting Jobs

Copywriting jobs are today’s hot career opportunities that adapt conveniently to the fashion in which technology has changed the way we work. Global economy and business exigencies have encouraged companies to follow the growing trend on flexible labor and telecommuting. Indeed, the nature of work in copywriting jobs is suitable for telework and offers an exciting opportunity to choose your type of copywriting work, employer and type of business regardless of location. Are you ready for the virtual office?

As the traditional office is being replaced by instant messaging and new media, copywriters’ tasks are outsourced. In short, you work in a virtual office, from virtually anywhere, as base of operation for your copywriting service with clients. Typically, this means working at home without the hassle of driving through the rush of traffic. A virtual office is a time-saver and flexible working environment with flexible work schedule where you are in control of your time and writing output at end of the day.

Copywriting smartly

If you were born with a creative way with words – that get your readers into action, your copy will, undoubtedly, sell. It’s the kind of copywriting talent that achieves the business goals of your client. In turn, you will earn the trust of clients and make them retain your services or hire you for a regular job. As an entry level copywriter, however, you may narrow in on copywriting jobs in industry and niche familiar to you. On the other, owning a thick portfolio will give you the confidence to take on copywriting work in multiple categories. Continue reading Smart Options in Copywriting Jobs